All programs are either Free or Shareware for the Recording Newbie in you.
Audacity offers everything you need to edit, & manipulate your audio work.

SplicingMerging Vocal and instrumentals on different channels

(aka. Vocals left, Riddim Right) together. This your answer to split dubs!!!!

Audio conversion (MP3 -> Wav, Wav -> MP3, etc.)

Audio Recording (Self explainatory)

Burning your work on to CDR/CDRW

The Program is Freeware




FEEL free to download


Reaper is a multi channel Shareware Software. It offers

no limitations like other shareware programs.This is good for

those who want to record/edit mix down multiple tracks.


The name speaks for itself.This Program is Freeware…plus=0&refer=0

Mac Users:

This works great when you wanna organize

your iTunes music library by BPMs.

Pros: Free, simple, works flawless with iTunes.
Cons: Not Automated, so you gotta “tap” ’em out… tedious & time consuming.

MAC Users Only!
A big selection of “stuff” aimed only for Mac Users.I’m trying to balance it out
(Mac, Linux, Windows) even though I’m on Linux.

Mix Pad

Multi-track MP3 and audio mixing softwareMixPad is multi-track

mixing software designed for professional audio production.

It lets you load or record audio clips and mix them together.

You can place them at different times, adjust volume, pan the audio

or fade in or out. It is the digital replacement of using a multitrack

recorder and mixing desk.

This Program Is FREEWARE


Checkout for more audio free/shareware.


Another very good down samplier. This one works on Linux Mac & Windows.
Converts from any format that libsndfile can read, to WAV or AIFF formatUses libsamplerate
for high-quality sample rate conversion to various sample rates (11.025kHz-192kHz)
Supports 8-bit, 16-bit, 24-bit, 32-bit, or floating-point output sample widthsSpecify files to convert using file requester or drag-and-drop

Multithreaded design for faster processing on multiprocessor machines

Pipelined dataflow for efficient resource utilization

Recursively batch-convert entire directory trees in a single step

Conversion-batch sizes may be arbitrarily large (e.g. thousands of files at a time)

Can be controlled from the command line (useful for invoking batch conversions from scripts)

No installation necessary — just unzip and run

Qt-based GUI means AudioMove is portable to most major OS’s

Open source (GPL); source code is available below

SUSE 9.1, MacOS/X and Windows binaries available below for your convenience.

This Program is FREEWARE

Soundcard Comparison List
Building Your Music Computer {DAW}


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