I can confidently say that www.belizeanmuzicting.wordpress.com is the first of its kind; being a free muzic site open to the public.Also its ,

It was created out of pure FRUSTRATION, IMPATIENCE, and downright CURIOSITY. Frustration and Impatience coming from countless hours of searching/downloading specific songs/ riddims etcespecially punta  n local ( belizean )artists music. just to find out its was just spam or a corrupted file. Funny to evry1 else but u get the pic.

Curiosity on my part came from all the music hunting online n stumbling across numerous blogs and admiring the way how they made the music so easily accessible to the public. Then i asked to myself,”when will Belize/ a belizean create somthing like this?”

Well here it is. As you can see this is a very young site and there is alot of room for improvement.

This can only be done by you the visitor. This is why i ask you to leave comments and suggestions or emailing us suggestions on what YOU would like to see on the site.

**********LOOK OUT FOR UPDATES DAILY**********

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  1. 🙂

  2. very good job.. keep it up

  3. Hey nice job mein..Wat creative frens i hav!! u kno i like anything dat catches my attention, so once u put up stuff like that then u keep me interested.

  4. Hey, this is a really nice site..I can see ur very creative.. nice job!

  5. keep it up ,ita all good, i rep that 414

  6. aye bebz thiz looks nice iightzkeep doing wat ya do best.lolz.thiz a bigman thing yo a go do,dam yo have up yo thing babez.yo ad i jus like see it but not da red ya dig lolz.love it i’l give infinity for my vote dats the only number i can stop.lmao!!!!


  8. cant complain bout dis site mein. i cant even mek wa site! lol nice work ..yo illa dan me by far hehe
    continue doin ya thang!

  9. wicked site beb…i love it…keep up the good job. and dont worry all the frustration and being impatient paid off =]

  10. This is a really good site…well thought out and organized… I hear that the creator is young, and so I must say that he is crazy talented for his age. For something that has just come online in the crazy net world I must say this is AWESOME!

  11. jah jah!

    great site, mayne. u should be proud. i am to just be a part of it…

    – austin

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